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    Broadvector Limited (BDV) is developing therapies for the treatment of two diseases associated with ageing: early stage prostate cancer and aseptic loosening of prosthetic implants such as artificial hips. In both cases, the new treatment is based upon gene directed enzyme-prodrug therapy ('GDEPT'), a modern strategy that eliminates a target tissue without the need for highly invasive surgery. GDEPT is a sophisticated site-specific drug delivery system that enables drugs of high potency to be made available to target tissues, without having to circulate through the body first.


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    This biotech looks very interesting - would love to hear some thoughts/opinions.

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    I'm wary of investing in an IPO as im sure the prices would drop anyway as the company will be running at pure losses until well after clinical trial, they could only keep feeding the price through nice announcements... I'm waiting until this company is closer to clinical trial results. Which realistically is probably 5 months off for the prosthesis one, and a year for the prostate.

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    The offer is closed now, so I guess the discussion is mute - was just a bit surprised not to see any discussion about this stock. I like its prospects, and also like the fact that it's focused on treating more than one type of condition so if a competitor trumps it in, say, the cancer treatment, the company still has good prospects in other areas.

    I'm in for the long haul, and will be watching with interest

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