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    Default Raising capital/lowering the boom?

    Will the sell off of the last two days (approx 4% ) affect the raft of junior explorers/IT companys/struggling biotechs that rely on regular raisings to remain afloat? Recently all a junior explorer ( or IT firm ) had to mention was Uranium to guarantee itself an over subscribed raising, will the likes of RRS.. FSL...BTV..et al now find the market more cautious and not so willing to back them without something more substantial? Will MUL survive if its followers put their wallets away ( surely they can't dilute much more!!!! ), will BQT have to come through on some of its rumours/promises?
    If the correction slows but still makes its way down to 4250..4300 (XAO) how many of these small hopefulls will survive?? Will it possibly make no difference at all??
    If the market turns tomorrow and heads back up will it just be business as usual???
    My own thoughts are that the market will be more cautious, for a short time anyways, what do others think??
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    Default Re: Raising capital/lowering the boom?

    It's only a correction, not a true bear market, so will have little real effect on small growth stocks.
    It may show that some of the "emperors" have no clothes though.

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