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    Default Learning Amibroker language?

    How would anyone suggest a novice on a computer should start to learn amibroker lanuage?
    Data importation and Charting is fine ....writing your own formulars / codes has me completely lost.

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    Greetings --

    There are several on-line tutorials. Start at this site:
    Look at the Video Tutorials.

    There is a lot of code you can read and try to understand in the user-contributed library:
    As you will see, it is available to registered users.
    Be careful -- there is some wheat in these, but a lot of chaff. Test all code before using it. Some of the systems and indicators have future leaks.

    While you are on that page, check the Trader's Tips. These are afl programs written by Tomasz and published in the monthly Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities.

    If you want a book, I have written one. You can learn about it and order it from its web site:


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    Default Re: Learning Amibroker language?

    Try starting with: Analysis>AFL Code Wizard. This will give you an idea about how to write basic stuff. In fact it does it for you by translating English to AFL.

    Also, there are people on the net who will write stuff for you for a fee, so long as you know what you want.

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    Default Re: Learning Amibroker language?

    Do you have any programming background? It helps a lot as it's similar as C/C++

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