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    I purchased back in 1981 a parcel of 500 st Barbara ordinary shares with out to much knowledge of the stock exchange I paid 20 cents per share and did recieve a few dividines but have not had any for at least 10 years they have only recently doubled there value of late.Q why would anyone want to continue to buy shares in this company knowing that the value of the shares hasn't risen that much in 30 years Its alright if you purchased a couple of millionshares all that time ago but in hind site if you had that much money property would of increased your profit ten fold

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    Yes in hindsight property would have been a better investment relative to that stock.

    You can't take the performance of one stock and use it to represent share investing. If that were the case, I could take Northern Uranium which returned over 65% in one week last week and argue share investing/trading is better than property.

    Either way, no point arguing property vs shares, they've been argued about constantly and there will never be a right answer. It's all up to the individual.

    To each his own

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    feb 08 was the best time to sell.. at .86

    in hindsight

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