long shot on a stock forum I know ...

anyone have any experience with reasonably high-end video editing/3D animation/compositing software et al

ie crapples final cut studio 3 v avid media composer 5

maya 2011 v 3ds max v cinema4d v blender (freeware)


vue, ozone

combustion, mudbox, nuke, shake

looking to build a kray supercomputer for some of the above and interested in hearing from anyone with experience in any of the above

(was keen to give crapple a go but very disappointed with mac pro choices, eg they don't offer Nvidia Quaddro FX 4800 for crapple vid card - even though they are designed for crapple mac pro's - so if you want it, you have to buy from the limited crapple mac pro choices with either ATI Radeon 5770 or 5870, then replace it with the quaddro, ie paying for a lesser card which you then replace)

[for anyone with no idea of the above software but interested in finding out what they are, check out fxstorm's, autodesk's, crapple's and avid's websites]