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    Default Great Sporting Moments

    Title suggests it all...

    One of mine has to be this:

    Derek Redmond - 400m Olympic Semi Final in Barcelona

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    Default Re: Great Sporting Moments

    After a year of intermittent illness and injury Kieran Perkins 1500m 1996 Atlanta Olympics, after becoming the slowest qualifier (and then only by a touch) had to swim and win the Gold Medal in Lane 8 in the final.
    cheers JB
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    Maybe not great, but re-defining the falcon is special


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    This is one of my favourite moments - absolute classic.
    Australia's 1st ever Winter Olympics Gold Love it.

    edit: not only was it Australia's first ever Winter Olympics gold, it was the very first gold for the Southern Hemisphere! Legend.
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    At last some lovely person has posted Kingston towns 3 famous W S Cox plate victory's (1980 - 81 - 82) the video is reasonable quality with no crappy background music and in full with the Brilliant BB calls...please excuse the silly little mid race voice overs of first Jockey, then owner.

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