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    Default Our pyramid economy

    Pyramid selling is supposed to be a no-no. I can see no other way to describe the financial system and the stock market operations these days. One ot these days the pyramid will get to high and too wide at the base to live with.

    Pyramid selling relies on growth. The growth does not have to be productive. All you need is more and more "units" being added to build a new base. Each time a new layer is started the base gets bigger and more are needed.

    Sound familiar? Does it sound like the financial "brains" and the pollies talking? It does to me. Growth, growth, growth, we hear it all the time. Is it actually pyramid sellers taking their pound of flesh without doing their fair share towards their own needs and wants?.
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    lol. on a topic of growth in a different fashion.. i liked the fall in unemployment figures in the US, that will be revised up in a week, as usual, to its real base when no one takes notice.. and anything over 400k is not growth in any case.. but 90% of the time they revise it up.. but the sheep buy it and the markets react accordingly...

    but you can build a mighty big pyramid with a never ending printing press.. but you always end up with the cash being worthless other than for toilet paper

    short the lot imho.. or get into amway


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