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    Wide Bay Australia Ltd (WBB) provides financial facilities to members. Funds generated are used to provide finance for residential accommodation and for home equity lending secured by registered mortgage over residential freehold or perpetual leasehold properties. WBB provides retail banking, margin lending, commercial lending, in-house mortgage insurance and financial planning.


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    So no one loves WBB here @ ASF. It may not be the most liquid stock in the market but at least it as been going North recently. Today the stock closed at $6.20 (up 2.3%), having hit an intra-day high of $6.31. Volume was light @ just over 35,000.

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    It's not the most exciting stock but I bought in a while ago at what turned out to be very close to the bottom.

    So far, so good.....

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    On April 7th, 2015, Wide Bay Australia Ltd (WBB) changed its name and ASX code to Auswide Bank Ltd (ABA).

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