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    Hello fellow motorcycle riders. Please review the following excert from http://www.riderripoff.com.au/

    From July 1 motorbike and scooter riders have been hit with massive increases in their CTP Greenslip costs.

    Riders of smaller bikes and scooters have been the most affected, with some owners reporting increases as high as 84%.

    At the time of the changes, Labor said they would only add an additional $10 to the average CTP Greenslip.

    But some riders are now being slugged $210 more than last year.

    There is a petition organised by Andrew Stoner MP that one can "sign" online to voice your disagreement, at the above URL.

    Also there is a rally of motorcyclists today outside the NSW Parliament organised by the Motorcycle Council of NSW if you so inclined. Details here: http://www.mccofnsw.org.au/a/311.html

    Personally speaking, I only ride my bike a few times a year, so the thought of $700 or $800 plus Insurance, plus Rego is starting to make the cost of ownership of a motorcycle very unattractive.

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    Comiserations to the NSW bike riders... Bracks / Brumby managed to contribute to me retiring my bike a couple of years ago with the surcharge on TAC insurance added to the annual registration fee. I recall they disguised it with talk of front number plates and allowing citlink to charge tolls for bikes and scooters (currently not charged, in part because of the front number plate issue) That knocked up a ruckus and so they 'backed down' on the front number plate rule but not unsurprisinlgy passed the exra TAC premium.

    I don't know why it is that our bikes - which cause less environmental harm, ease congestion on our roads, free up more parking space and contribute to a generally enlargement of the average testicle size of the population - seem to be a magnet for government bean couinters. Are these bean counters and politicians trying to tax us off the roads? Quite possibly, and probably just over petty jealousy re the huge jatz crackers ....

    I miss my bike.

    Stone (the movie)
    Man, after you've riden a powerful bike fast you just don't want to do anything else.
    or words to that effect...

    It's gonna feel good when I stop. Isn't it?

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