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    I will start off with a quick intro as I am new but old member. I used to be part of the forums a few years ago and now I am back with a new username.

    I am seeking some general advice/opinions from not necessarily the older but wiser members.

    I am 27 work full time with a average job making under 50k a year. I never got into the whole property market and now it is probably too late at least for a while with the current prices. I have 60k saved up, not sure if this is good for a person my age with alot of people my age now having investment properties etc. I have nothing, I rent, have nothing in my name except a car, no credit cards no debts.

    I jumped into the sharemarket at exactly the wrong time about 4 years ago just before it crashed with a portfolio of about 15k being shrunk to 3k.

    At the moment I have a portfolio of about 10k sitting at about a value of 4k, mostly sitting on the sidelines and still learning the hard lessons of life lol.

    I would like to hear opinions and advice from any members who wish to contribute here, where should I go from here?

    Should I jump blindly into the current property market? I haven't been the greatest fan so far and still believe there is other ways of investing.

    I have my money in a interest account and make a healthy 6% per month so its better then nothing, but I am interested what advice some of you would have and get some ideas about other opportunities for my capital that might be out there.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Advice from the older and wiser

    Two things:

    1. If you were previously a member you would know that we cant give financial advice, please consult a licensed professional.

    2. It is against ASF rules to have more than one username. Please contact site admin (Joe Blow) regarding this matter.

    Thread closed until further notice

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