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    Default CGT on employee shares given as gift?

    Hi all,

    Just a quick question on capital gain tax on shares that were given as a gift / employee share incentive

    The shares were allocated to me on November 2009 up to a value of $1,000

    I have just left the company this July and Computershare has just notified me that i have 2 options to be taken within 30 days: -
    i) transfer the shares from the company's trust to ordinary shares under my name
    ii) sell the shares

    1. How much will i be taxed if i were to sell the shares now?

    The capital gain on the share itself has gone up by approx 10% from the original value of $1,000. I understand that i will not be eligible for the discount of 50% of my tax rate as my holding is less than a year (correct me if i am wrong)

    2. What would you do if you are me ? Considerations to take are
    The transfer of the shares from the trust to my name / ordinary shares will cost $66 whereas selling it will cost $40. Am i better of to sell it now or to transfer it to my Commsec account in relations to tax benefits and not for short term monetary gains.

    How much will Commsec charge to initiate this transfer. I believe before i can do that the shares need to be transferred to my name / ordinary share status? I had a look into their forms and i have no idea which form to use if i were to transfer these shares over to my Commsec account.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: CGT on employee shares given as gift?

    any advise someone?

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