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  • Coalition

    13 59.09%
  • Labor

    6 27.27%
  • The noose

    3 13.64%
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    Default Who will win the election?

    Not who you will vote for but who you think will win.

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    Default Re: Who will win the election ?

    Coalition by 4 seats. Bottle of Vintage Moet says so. I have placed my bet already. Can't wait to pop the cork on sunday, no wait, monday, no wait , on a count back, no wait , on Wednesday ..... maybe.

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    Default Re: Who will win the election?

    Yep TS i'm taking the Coalition by 2 seats, and as an outside punt (this may seem crazy, but they could take the Senate too as i think the way Brown has been banging on already like they have control of the Senate, may push a few votes toward the Libs).
    Interesting one to watch will be the Canning battle between Randall and MacTiernan in WA. Both popular figures, but i think Randall with circa 4% cushion will hold on. He is in for the fight of his life though she is one hell of a tough nut.
    Of course if QLD and Western Sydney swing against Labor, it will be all over bar the shouting by the time the WA votes come in.
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    Default Re: Who will win the election?

    Quote Originally Posted by drsmith View Post
    Not who you will vote for but who you think will win.
    The People!

    They have sent a message to both the LNP and Labor over the last two elections.

    The Greens are laughing... but they need to be good public citizens in their power dealing for the country to thrive ( I refused to use that damned phrase 'move forward') despite the LNP and Labor extremes and power brokers.
    Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)

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    Default Re: Who will win the election?


    Well for now.

    What are the odds for that again?

    Repeating this post here.

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