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    Patrys Limited (PAB) is focused on the development of natural human antibody-based therapies for the treatment of cancer. The company is also exploring opportunities to deploy its technologies in additional indications, either internally or through third parties, including cardiovascular, autoimmune and central nervous system disorders.


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    Appears by recent grants/patents granted by the FDA to have awoken this stock price from its slumber. The price hasn't been this high for a couple of years.

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    For those on PAB enjoy the ride.

    0.074 atm with nearly 50 million traded


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    Closed at 8c - up 50% on the day - it did have an intraday high of 9.2c...

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    Quote Originally Posted by piggybank View Post
    Closed at 8c - up 50% on the day - it did have an intraday high of 9.2c...
    It reminds me of AHZ but asking for a little more money from holders for bigger things. If AHZ is anything to go by come Wednesday next week I think this baby may go off. A bit of a sell down today as people dont understand rights issues and how they work. Ie timely announcements. I have profited very well in the past by buying in on these lows.

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    PAB. SOme volume returned today.

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    Whats the thought on the announcement yesterday?


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