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    MyState Limited (MYS) is a major Tasmanian based listed diversified financial group formed in September 2009 following the merger of MyState Financial (MSF), an authorised deposit-taking institution, and Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees (TPT), a trustee and wealth management company.


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    Anyone following this stock?
    Wondering whether there's a reason for the drop in share price over the past few days.

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    Hi catchic8. I had it on my watchlist at one stage when it was yielding higher but never purchased.

    The market is off. Financials have come off. Compare the chart to the chart for banks such as ANZ.

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    Have had these for at least two years...know of no reason for recent drop in price...they do not have many announcements and not much in the media about them ever.I was mildly surprised when they pushed to nearly five dollars on no news.

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    I've noticed that they don't do many announcements at all.
    Compared to other banks, I feel that MYS has the advantage of having a low share price. For the likes of CBA, etc., the share price is just too high for those who don't have tens of thousands to invest.


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