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    Alexium International Group Limited (AJX), formerly ETW Corporation Limited (ETW), operates as a research & development company with the main focus on leveraging edge technology from the laboratory into the commercial sector. It offers the ability to apply nano-scale coatings at the industrial scale.


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    AJX announced today that it is reaffirming its strategic focus on providing unique, environmentally friendly flame retardant (FR) chemistries. As the public and government agencies across the world are increasing pressure to phase out traditional bromine-based flame retardants due to environmental and health concerns, Alexium is introducing a safe and effective bromine-free FR alternative for several industrial applications.

    Alexium’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Bob Brookins said the most widely used commercial chemical flame retardants contain bromine.
    “Organo-bromine compounds, while inhibiting the ignition of combustible household items such as furniture padding, plastics, electronics, clothes and the transportation industry, are coming under increasing public criticism and increasing scrutiny of consumer protection agencies,” he said.

     According to industry data, the annual consumption of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) alone is in excess of 40,000 metric tons.
     Brominated flame retardants are lipophilic and bio-accumulative, and several brominated flame retardants have been labeled carcinogens and neurological toxins.
     Some European countries have already banned some or all of these hazardous brominated flame retardants.
     In the United States, legislative efforts in some states and at the federal level are underway to phase out brominated flame retardants.
     California is moving forward with plans to scrap old laws and replace them with new standards that can be met without the use of toxic chemicals.
     Protection agencies, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, are making organobromine-based ingredients as part of a high priority review, citing widespread exposure and potential health risks.
     In the United States, reports such as the Chicago Tribune’s “Playing With Fire” investigative series have reignited public concerns about the performance of (brominated) flame retardants and the potential harmful effects on humans and animals.
     Other halogenated FR chemicals, such as chlorinated Tris, are also coming under heavy attack due to potential health concerns in children.

    Alexium’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director Stefan Susta said regardless of your position in this debate, the fact is that traditional brominated and other halogen-based FR chemistries are under attack and are facing significant pressure.
    “Consumers and industry are looking for a better, cleaner alternative. Since our novel FR chemistry does not contain bromine or any other halogens, we feel very confident that we will find commercial traction, especially for customer and applications that want to play it safe,” he said.

    Alexium’s highly effective and durable flame retardant treatments do not contain organo-bromine or any other halogenated compounds. While the Company is already rolling out commercial fabric applications of its novel FR chemistry, it will be focusing on entering new product areas, such as carpet, furnishings, polyurethane foam padding, insulation, plastics, and aerospace interiors.

    Alexium is currently finalizing a full licence agreement for FR treatments for nylon with Duro Textiles, one of the United States’ largest finishers and dyers, to address a market opportunity in excess of 3.66 million linear metres (4 million linear yards) of nylon fabric. The main commercial terms for this FR Nylon licence were previously announced and wider licence terms are now being finalized.

    “We anticipate carrying the market momentum into our recent discussions with potential licensees in Europe, Australia, and Asia – and will extend future applications beyond the textile industry. The timing for introducing a new, bromine/halogen-free, FR solution is ideal,” Mr Susta said


    AJX announced today that it will supply additional materials to the US Army under a new purchase order. This additional effort follows a project from late last year where Alexium supplied Natick with materials treated with “Cleanshell® CB”, its newest repellency treatment.

    Alexium will be supplying Natick Soldier System Center with approximately 600 yards of various fabric materials for further prototyping and extensive evaluations. The latest Cleanshell® CB treatment, developed over the last nine months, has been optimized to provide excellent water and oil repellency, but has also dramatically increased the repellency of Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) simulants. Cleanshell® CB repellency was optimized for CWA agents and now offers days of protection versus minutes for earlier Cleanshell® treatments or conventional fluorocarbon repellency finishes.

    “Significant effort has gone into making these improvements, specifically designed to target repellency for organophosphate-based simulants, such as tributylphosphate,” remarked Dr. Bob Brookins, Chief Technology Officer of Alexium.

    “We look forward to continuing our work in individual chemical-biological protection for the military and are excited over the potential that this new treatment offers. These technology demonstrations, and the extensive testing, which includes live agents, are critical to further validating the technology and transitioning our treatments to Army systems,” remarked Stefan Susta, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Alexium.
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    Gavin Rezos (AJX Executive Chairman) has done an interview with Peak Asset Management. The sound quality isn't perfect but stick with it. It's 15 minutes of pure gold.

    Gavin talks in depth, about specifics of the company in this interview. Much better than Sky News etc. because Peak Asset Management didn't try to cut him off and let him explain everything he had to say.

    He explains
    - the DoD deal
    - rationale behind when the bedding manufacturer can be announced
    - the reasoning behind the recent sell off
    - the rationale behind US listing and when the company is currently thinking about pulling the trigger

    Must listen interview to anyone interested in Alexium.

    Don't be put off by the sound quality, the content more than makes up for it.

    Link is as follows:


    For more interviews like this visit here or http://www.peakassetmanagement.com.au/

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