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    Default Mining sector daily top 20?

    Hi, I'm new here but I was wondering if anyone can tell me where I can find a list of the daily top 20 for just the mining sector?
    Your help is greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: Mining sector daily top 20?

    One way would be to join Incredible Charts, it is free

    Use the Stock Scan facility

    select sector or sub sector

    you have not defined what you mean by "top"

    but not to mind, you can define by market cap, volume or price movement etc

    great free tools for learning

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    Default Re: Mining sector daily top 20?


    There are two service that I use and have found great to use.

    1. freestockcharts.com - This is a free charting service and most of the charts are only 15 minuets delay so it really good for a free service. They have all the feature of most charting platforms- all indicators, trend line tools , fib and alot more.

    2.finviz.com - This is also free service. This site is really good at having a look at all stock, futures forex ect, seeing the top movers negative and postive and also more.

    I hope I have helped and just so you know that I'm no way in any form affiliated with these sites.

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    Default Re: Mining sector daily top 20?

    Does free stock charts cover Australian listed companies? I can't seem to find an option for it!

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