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    Eastern Iron Limited (EFE) was formed in July 2007 by PlatSearch to explore for bulk tonnage iron ore in infrastructure rich, eastern Australia. Eastern Iron has grouped the 15 licences into two projects, the Cobar and Main Line Projects. Both areas are highly prospective for Channel Iron Deposits.


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     A diamond drilling program consisting of four holes totalling 477.6m at the Five and Seven Mile iron ore deposits has been completed.

     Assay results from a single hole at Seven Mile returned 71.4m from surface at 46.3% Fe, 31.3% SiO2, 2.6% Al2O3, less than 0.01% P and 0.03% S

     Drill core samples from Five Mile and Seven Mile have been submitted for beneficiation testwork at AMMTEC laboratories in WA. Further assay results from drillholes at Five Mile are pending.

     Engenium have commenced the scoping study for the Nowa Nowa Project.

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