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    Logicamms Limited (LCM) operates in the resources, energy and infrastructure sectors providing project and specialised engineering services. LCM is an amalgamation of three privately owned companies: Logitech Consultants, Camms Process Control and Paterson Flood Engineers.


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    One to add to the watchlist, climbed 10% in the last few days!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Out Too Soon View Post
    One to add to the watchlist, climbed 10% in the last few days!
    Agreed , i have an order just above a dollar,looks to be sneaking away from me though.

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    Another stock that as been doing well since July but gone unnoticed here

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    This stock seems like excellent value to me. Trading at a dividend yield over 6% (forecast 2015 of almost 8%!), no debt, well diversified beyond mining, solid growth... What is there not to like here?

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    Took a big hit after 1H14 figures - big drop in NPAT and also drop in cash levels. Big chunk of the NPAT gone due to purchase of "Independent Technology Holdings" in NZ in 2013, which you would hope would be a one off event and FY14 figures should look a little better with the 2nd half helping to balance things out a bit?

    I still like the fact that they are debt free.

    What thoughts?

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    Surely someone must have these guys on their radar at $0.75? I took quite a loss on this one so far, but I'm holding.


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