As per the thread title. It may also be of interest to start similar threads for ALP policies and those of minor parties if others wish to do so.

Policies are available from the following link,

The first thing I went to was the savings table. $9bn of the savings identified are indeed from programs to be funded under the ALP from the RRT. It would be good to see a corresponding spending table.

Second was the paid perental leave scheme.

The scheme is expected to cost $8.8bn over it's first two years of operation (2012-13 and 2013-14). The net amount to be raised by the 1.5% corporate levy is estimated to be $6.1bn over the same period. Those who claim entilements under the scheme though will not be entitled to the baby bonus so there's a saving there.

I also get the impression that for companies that currently provide for paid perental, the net cost would be less than the 1.5% levy as they would no longer have to provide it themselves.