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    If people are wondering why the 200% rise today the WA company announced the

    "Discovery of New Method to produce Anacardic Acid"

    why is this worthy of a 200% gain.. well normally you get it from cashew nuts!

    what is it used for, (wikipedia)

    Primarily used for tooth abscesses, it is also active against acne, some insects, tuberculosis, and MRSA

    Anacardic acid is the main component of cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL), and finds use in the chemical industry for the production of cardanol, which is used for resins, coatings, and frictional materials. Cardanol is used to make phenalkamines, which are used as curing agents for the durable epoxy coatings used on concrete floors.

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    About 5 years ago this company producing vegetable based oil and now medicine (not produced yet).
    5 years no posting. Is it a dead horse ? Just raised a massive CR.
    Any thoughts ?
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    All sellers are inevitably, and by the meaning of the word, buyers so DYOR .

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    On November 18th, 2015, Actinogen Limited changed its name to Actinogen Medical Limited.

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