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    How do you guys think mining stocks will go if the Liberals get voted into power?

    I see the smaller mining companies are being urged to vote Liberal due to the new mining tax and it's affect on the smaller companies but what about the big boys BHP RIO FMG?

    What do you think will happen? What SP could we see?

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    Here you go jk:
    This article with attached links is a beaut. I particularly enjoyed reading it, because it mentions a heap of my favs.
    People wonder why I'm so interested in who's going to win the election!

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    In the long term l beleve it will make no difference , other dessions that are made by the elected party will have more impact , l hope labour will and the market down turns for a week , ill sell up some of my speculitve stocks that l have and buy back after the drop eg GMR , KGL, SDL,GBG, (granted one or two of the mentioned are less than speculitve ) expand your portfolio , thats the game right now for me this up an down market that we have had of late has been a dead set winner for me. On some l have incresed my holdings %100 just from buying up and selling on the down , l may only pick up %4 here and %2 there but over 6 months it all adds up .
    Keep on digging

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