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    I am wanting to test a trading plan which is getting complex, surely there must be software out there to do this without spending hundreds.
    Record entries, Price, Date, number of shares, margin, exit price, date, interst on margin, commision and keep a accurate trading account balance.

    Attached is the closest spread sheet I have found, has everything but its short fall is EG:
    entry no2
    entry date 15/6/2010
    exit date 25/6/2010
    The entry is in one row and if you enter another trade say on the
    18/6/2010 it will allready have the profit or loss from the trade entry of the 15/6/2010.

    Therefore the Trading account balance is flawed and I wont be able to implement part of my money management plan to maintain a% of my TAB in cash to cover any margin calls.

    I am really more keen to test margin/ risk / money management and time in the market being the priority rather than the best possible entries.

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