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    Default Plant a Tree Day 1st August 2010


    Many might not be able to make it to the PlanetArk formal plantings so this day a good one to do some more planting around your own home.

    Some of my favorites:



    always plant a couple of them together so you dont get dominant branches, good for the humans, birds, insects and small animals

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    Default Re: Plant a Tree Day 1st August 2010

    I agree with your sentiments Robots, a very good idea.

    Last time I went to one of these shows/days I got an allergy, from too many greens and hairy legged feminists. I had to take a whole pack of Klaratine.

    I do love trees, birds, insects etc. though, and good on you for posting about it.

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    Great idea Robots. I like the E. leucoxylon a very nice tree, dont know much about your second choice.

    I have over the years become a fan of decidous trees, particularly considering the higher density housing. The trees are usually quite foilage dense offering valuable shade in the heat of summer (saving cooling costs) and after losing leaves in winter allows light and warmth to radiate homes.

    I have noticed that some of the most popular suburbs have plenty of established trees in their tree scapes. If your neighbourhood wants to add value (through street appeal) then getting together and organising tree plantings is a good idea.

    I have been watching the transformation of some good old streets in some expensive suburbs becoming distasteful through bowling over old houses and their big trees for fence to fence stark look-at-me mansions.
    cheers JB
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