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    Default ProRealTime Complete Workstation unable to launch

    Hey Guys,

    just wondering if anyone else has had problems with launching the Complete Workstation on the ProRealTime website. I can launch the Simplel Workstation no problems.

    The error message I recieve from the Java application is as follows:

    Application Error: Unable to launch the application

    Under "Details" the following error is specified:

    Error: Unable to load resource: http://www.prorealtime.com/java/newapplet933.jar

    I have tried all thing suggested in the FAQ including complete reinstalations of Firefox 3.6.6 and upating to IE8. I've also updated my antivirus software and tried starting the workstation with antivirus and firewall disabled. I've run out of things to try.



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    Default Re: ProRealTime Complete Workstation unable to launch

    Alex, did you get this working?

    Java update might help?
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    Default Re: ProRealTime Complete Workstation unable to launch

    Hey AlexL,

    I use PRT as well and love it.

    Hadn't touched it this week until I saw your post, am at work now so can't test with home system. But at work where I can usually get it running no worries in Firefox or Safari (latest of both) on MacOS 10.5 I could not get it to run inside Firefox today. There was no error message.

    Safari still works fine.

    Can report back on Linux and Windows when I get home.
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    Default Re: ProRealTime Complete Workstation unable to launch

    Hey guys,

    thanks for the help. I've got it working after spending some more time trawling through installed programs. It seems to have been a partially uninstalled copy of Norton antivirus.
    PRT looked the goods until I realised the PaperTrade module only works when you pay for a live data stream. Despite this I still think this will be the best free charting package I have tried, especially given that EOD data isn't delayed by 8hrs+ like some others.


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