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    Post FSL - Fast Scout

    YESTERDAY 2 cents
    Today 19.5 high
    trading at 12.5 - 13 cents

    whats going on?

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    FSL…queried by ASX.. not enough cash to operate for next quarter…
    More ramblings from my cynical mind….

    Ann out U leases. to be acquired from Hume mining ( 100% owned by CXL)
    and up she goes.

    Three relevant points in the ann….
    1) Fast Scout undertaking, at Fast Scouts expense and absolute discretion, exploration, feasibility……

    2)Cap raise of $2,000,000 ….it is intended that the funds raised…
    D) meet the ongoing operational expenses of the company

    3) It is proposed that DBS will reduce its shareholding in the company through the sale of approx. 25 million of its 71 million shares to clients of such stockbrokers..to assist in creating a more liquid market for Fast Scouts shares. ( These guys are all heart )

    Have a run through DBS.. CXL…BEL…sofcom…queste…et al same names keep pooping up ( sorry..popping ) This is one big roundabout.

    And from memory these are the same names that had the stoush with Rivkin Financial… I think they now control it as SCB???
    The above post is personal opinion only, for investment advice consult a licensed professional who fully understands the value of trailing commissions.

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    Default Re: FSL

    The uranium market is hot!
    and this stock is a standout....

    people are trading on potential and not market fundamentals

    so far

    mines and leases in SA and NT are hot property..


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    Default Re: FSL

    smashed 16 cents
    heading towards 17 cents

    they want 25 cents
    happy trading...

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    Default Re: FSL

    about to crack 20 cents


    this is all too exciting...

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    Default Re: FSL

    Now if only we could find breakouts like this all the time, we could all give up our day jobs and be bored stiff playing golf, fishing, overseas holidays, the boring list goes on ....................................
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