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    Default Should ISPs hand over all web search info to the government?

    Just thought I would start a thread about the pontificating pontificators in Canberra?

    What info should be shared with Conroy in Government?

    All/some/none ???

    What are your thoughts on what they (the Government) want to know about your thoughts/business transactions/ideology/hobbies/interests/vocation/aspirations/investments/tastes/retirement plans/ friendships/ motivations etc... ?

    Should ISP providers be compelled to confess to a Technological Inquisition?

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    Default Re: Should ISPs hand over all web search info to the government?

    As Anthony Robbins says, we began where physiology was power and the strongest or fastest had control over their life and could affect others with it. Then heritage where there were rulers and constituents, where one gained power by association. Then capital was power in coincidence with the Industrial Age . All these are in effect nowadays but there is one more source of power that is changing the world at a rapid pace.

    That is knowledge. Knowledge is power and particularly specialised knowledge.

    As an example, I notice that "information" with a program like Amibroker is not easily available. Those that know don't say. Some help but the information is definitely metered out and at times set to confuse. Only way is to learn it for oneself or pay for a different program that has the information programmed in.

    There is power in keeping people mis/un informed, ummm should I say there is "capital" in keeping people mis/un informed.
    Never let anyone dictate your life path.

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