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    Default Another category 5 hurricane

    Rita's gone catagory 5


    $2.00 petrol soon? :-o

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    Default Re: Another category 5 hurricane

    Shiat 5 already? I thought it was only graded to 2 yesterday. In all the forecasts they were talking about it only getting to a 3 in the gulf. Are the rating scales for hurricanes similar to earthquakes, as in every level up is exponentially worse than the one below?

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    Default Re: Another category 5 hurricane

    Check it out on USA Today website it will tell you all you need to know. Winds above 165 MPH and projected path covers about half of Texas. Feels pretty bad trying to think of how to profit from it. Can't change the way I think though. Maybe i'll just donate some profits to help clean up the mess.

    P.S.- How quick do you think Bush will react if it does the same to Texas as New Orleans?

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