I found this on another site. I think it's good and worth repeating here (kudos to "jessop" for finding it):


FWIW - this is the closest I've found to the Trading Holy Grail in my time .......taken from a trading site in the US

Anyone who contemplates trading should ask themselves one simple question....."Why Do I Want To Trade?" There are many wrong answers to this question, and only one right one....."I Want To Find Out Who I Really Am"

When you trade your monitor will do a funny thing. It will become a mirror. A special type of mirror. A mirror that reflects your self-confidence, your self-esteem, your self-worth. The numbers and lines you see on your screen are just that, numbers and lines. Market information. At your choosing, when you decide to become part of those numbers and lines (putting on/off the trade) a sort of test begins. A test about you.

If you see the test as threatening, you will feel threatened.
If you see the test as war, you will be engaging in war.
If you see the test as one more failure, you will fail.
If you see the test as the need to prove yourself right, you will administered the pain of being wrong.
If you see the test as certainty, you will be rudely introduced to uncertainty.
If you see the test as a battle of wills, you will sacrifice your soul.
If you see the test as fear or loss of money, you will be giving away your scared money.

If you see and believe the test to be an exchange of information, you now become the one to confirm or deny information.
If you believe the test to be one of giving up what you want in order to get it, you will get it. Get it?

There is an irony in trading of both price and time. It is exactly what you have to give of yourself in order to trade it with understanding.
"Its not you against the market, its just you"