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    Question Predicting the month ending ASX level

    Would it be possible to set up a monthly Poll Topic so people could vote on where they think the ASX will be at the end of the month. Maybe in 100 or 50 intervals? Good or Bad idea?

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    Default Re: Predicting the month ending ASX level

    Hi John,

    When you say "where they think the ASX will be at the end of the month" do you mean where they think the All Ordinaries (XAO) will be?

    Creating a poll is quite easy and any ASF member can do it. Instructions on how to create a poll can be found here.

    The problem with a regular monthly poll is that I think the interest level would probably drop off after a while. Also, if it were just people making random guesses without any analysis it may not generate much discussion of interest. However, if anyone really wants to give it a shot they are more than welcome to.

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