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    Post SAM - SIV Asset Management

    Aurora Funds Limited (AFV) is seeking to facilitate the merging (and subsequent listing on the ASX) of Aurora Funds Management Limited (established in 2003), Sandringham Capital Pty Ltd (established in 2005) and Fortitude Capital Pty Ltd (established in 2004).

    The primary activities of these businesses are asset management and responsible entity/trustee services on behalf of Australian and New Zealand investors. Collectively, these businesses manage approximately $570 million in domestic equity, international equity, property, infrastructure and alternative asset classes for over 3,500 investors.


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    Default Re: AFV - Aurora Funds

    Aurora floated/listed at $2 a couple of weeks ago and promptly fell to 1.75 where it last traded a week ago...the 5 directors hold about 60% of the stock so fair chance that there wont be to many sellers and the SP should be stable from here...but who knows really.

    I've had a few of the Aurora listed funds on my watch-lists for quiet a while and have watched with interest...Aurora have a small and diverse swag of listed funds that can be brought and sold both via a broker and via Aurora, and a few unlisted funds....Aurora listed funds below.

    • AOD - Aurora Sandringham Dividend Income Trust
    • AIB - Aurora Global Infrastructure Income Trust
    • ABW - Aurora Sandringham Australian Equity Income Trust
    • AUP - Aurora Property Buy-Write Income Trust

    Now most of these funds have smallish caps and Aurora's total FUM is about 550 mill so not alot in comparison to the big managers...and so perhaps that's where some can see some potential, i mean with so many listed and even more unlisted funds, Aurora has alot of product to offer the investing public and super funds etc.

    Super and funds management in general is a growth industry and it would seem to me that Aurora is well positioned to benefit from that...Have a look at there FUM growth over the last 5 years....its not to hard to imagine that if that sort of FUM growth can be maintained AFV could grow into a very big fund manager over the next 10 years. and thus see its SP raise substantially over time.
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    One of the institutions looks to be pulling $220 million out


    FUM ten days ago was around $613 million

    That will have to hurt the bottom line.
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    On April 23rd, 2015, Aurora Funds Limited (AFV) changed its name and ASX code to SIV Asset Management Limited (SAM).

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