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    Cathrx Ltd (CXD) is a medical device company which manufactures and markets advanced cardiac catheter solutions for the treatment of people suffering from electrical problems of the heart known as cardiac arrhythmias.


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    Background of company.

    Cathrx has a diagnostic range which is being marketed and an ablation range is in the later parts of development. The diagnostic catheters are used during surgery to diagnose the exact location of the arrhythmia, then the ablation catheter is used to destroy the heart tissue causing the arrhythmia.

    What sets cathrx appart from the rest is that their competition is modularity, the ablation catheter is made up of an outer sheeth, and inner metal stylette and handle. The competition have an all in one product which is often bogged with glue to prevent leaks, making it a one use item due to sterility issues.

    Other companies are in the re-use sector already but with hospitals lacking funding these days, more and more they turn to re-use options which largely reduce the price of surgery with minimal drop in quality of product.

    The next benchmark for cathrx is regulatory approval in europe and US for their ablation catheter which will then allow the company to start selling their ablation / diagnostic range as a bundle. Surgeons don't purchase diagnostic catheters individually and this is likely the reason for lack of sales thus far for the company.


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