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    Is it just me, or is there a preponderence of useless medical studies out there?

    Take this gem:


    Right. That was useful. So the study has found that you will have poorer sex life if you have been tucking into the doughnuts at the expense of the pushbike. Bit hard to be performing the karma sutra when you need the fire department to leave the confines of your pizza box littered bedroom.

    Maybe it is all part of the stimulus package, pardon the pun? Lol, lets get those medical researchers out there finding a cure for cancer rather than telling us Larry Lard Ass has not been laid for ten years.

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    Have you noticed how incredibly stupid most people are? A lot of them are more than stupid enough not to put two and two together, and maybe pointing out the utterly obvious... that if you're obese you're going to have less energy, less physical capability, less self esteem and less sexual appeal, you're going to have less sex, is going to be enough to persuade some people to eat less and move more. This type of research is extremely quick and cheap, quite likely it was just done by someone doing their masters project or PhD. It probably amounted to little more than someone carrying out a survey as part of their research, and because we have an obesity issue in the western world the results of the survey were published, at nominal cost. The alternative might have been publicising some celebrity fluff story, at similar cost, and rather than educating a few morons, it would kill a few brain cells in the heads of everyone who paid attention.

    You can quickly and cheaply carry out a survey and report it, but you're not going to cure cancer on that sort of budget, unfortunately.

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    While they appear to be useless - they actually test things scientifically and use proof.

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