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    We've had these funds in our smsf for years and they've steadily been losing value - we're considering selling them to cut our losses, any advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmb View Post
    any advice?
    Hi mmb,

    Welcome to ASF!

    Please note that it is not permitted for ASF members to offer you financial advice. Legally, only a licensed financial adviser can provide the kind of specific financial advice you have requested.

    This link to ASIC's consumer website may assist you in finding good financial advice: Getting good advice

    However, that being said, I will leave this thread open in case anyone wishes to make some general remarks about the fund you have mentioned.

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    Default Re: Challenger Wholesale Investment Funds

    Funny cos im gona post a chart in the CGF - Challenger financial thread to see if anyone's got any ideas as to why the steady share price decline.
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