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    Default Bono's back injury - When will he return?

    Noticed that Bono has had a back injury when will he recover?


    Bono has been released from a hospital in Munich to continue his recovery from surgery for the back injury he suffered preparing to tour. Bono, 50, needed surgery to fix compression of the sciatic nerve, a ligament tear and a herniated disc. His injury forced U2 to call off the North American segment of the tour, even though a million tickets had been sold. Now the European segment is in jeopardy.

    Sounds painful I can only offer my empathy with the pain of it. I'm sure he'll be on his feet soon.

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    Default Re: Bono's back injury - When will he return?

    Yeah great Irish musician and terrible to here these painful back injuries going around. "New Years Day" one on my faves.
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