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    Mayan Iron Corporation Ltd was incorporated on the 17 of April 2009. The Company has lodged reconnaissance license applications for the sampling of iron sand, covering an area of 5,912 sq km along the Pacific Ocean coastline of Guatemala. Mayan Iron has also invested in additional sampling and testing of iron sands within the areas of these reconnaissance licenses.

    An analysis of these tests has resulted in the identification of extensive iron sand mineralization. As an outcome, the company has lodged 10 exploration license applications with the Guatemala Ministry of Energy and Mines, which has approved an initial 3 exploration licences covering an area of 292.5 sq km. New Reconnaissance Licence applications for 3 areas have been lodged with the Guatemala government for the areas that are not included in the Exploration Licence applications. All of the areas covered by the Reconnaisance Applications and the Exploration Licences are on-shore.


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    Will have to look more closely at this company as it doesn't look big enough to get this project firmly under-way. Raising $2.5 million only looks like ticking over sort of money to me.
    With the Dow plummeting they seem to have mistimed their entry on to the markets.
    However, I've only glanced at this stock and I'm probably missing something. Perhaps you know??????????

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    MC - $1.3m
    SP - 3.1c
    Shares - 42m
    Options - 65m
    Cash - $3.2m

    June quarterly is not pasteable, see here http://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/2012073...v4wxm5nj06.pdf for project information.
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    On January 8th, 2016, Mayan Iron Corporation Limited (MYN) changed its name and ASX code to Anson Resources Limited (ASN).

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