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    Afternoon All,

    Found this forum from a google search =).
    Well here's my story

    Currently 23 yrs old, purchased a few residential properties from the age of 21 till now. Neg Geared to the tune of around 15k p.a pre tax benefits. Got some of cash and equity sitting around looking pretty.

    Have recently looked into direct commercial property ownership, but funding it at the moment seems to be a problem and after abit of sniffing around i came across REITS (indirect comm property ownership), have been doing a little research into that, not very savvy on shares side of things, very steep learning curve.

    At the moment im not looking to purchase anymore Residential property as i feel the returns are abit low at the moment and i don't wanna take on anymore hardcore neg geared stuff.

    What i am wanting is to invest in something that is cash flow neutral and can provide some capital growth or something with decent C/F and minimal CG

    Now to do this i would need something that returns on or above my current interest rates for the property stuff which is 6.66%, i have some funds in offset account and some money in LOC attached to property's

    I've signed up with an account with commsecc and been doing abit of research and stuff on their, checking out the yields on different REITS etc, but obviously their is a whole bunch research that needs to be undertaken to find out the healthyness of the REIT.

    Im looking for something pretty hands off (Passive investment) that i don't have to continually put effort in to manage and research. I'm looking at this from a long term perspective (10yrs+).

    From abit of reading around cyber space, i have come across ETF's and my basic understanding is that they invest in a bunch of companys and bundle this together and sell as a unit, so the person buying would be exposed to a bunch of companys and get returns based on the average of the performance of those companys.

    I was having a look @ the Two ETF's listed on the ASX website which deal with REIT's, FIX and SLF.

    SLF it says on commsec is returning 7.2% yield, would purchasing something like this be a massive mistake or?

    Looking for abit of basic guidance on area's to look and what to look out for.
    Hopefully with my goals listed their, some of the smart eggs on here might be able to point me in the right direction of what i should be looking for in the shares capper.


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    Realised that part of my post is in breach of forum rules. Apologies for that.

    I'm not looking for specific advise on particular shares, just looking for advice to avoid silly mistakes.



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    I very much doubt buying SLF could be called a silly mistake...the SLF, ETF tracks the Property components of the ASX200 index, the SLF thread can be found here: http://www.aussiestockforums.com/for...ad.php?t=17865

    More info about SLF can be found here: http://www.spdrs.com.au/etf/fund/fund_detail_SLF.html
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    Thankyou for your swift reply So_Cynical. I will read that thread and document tonight

    Anyone else that has feedback, advice or anything to chip in i'd be more then glad to hear from you.

    Hopefully i can contribute something to this forum as well.



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