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    NORTH Korea's propaganda machine, taking time off from threatening war with South Korea, has hailed the development of a "super drink" that can multiply brain cells and stop skin ageing.

    The antioxidation drink contains 60 kinds of "microelements" extracted from more than 30 species of plants, according to the communist state's official news agency KCNA.

    "It, with effects of both preventive and curative treatment, helps improve mental and retentive faculties by multiplying brain cells," KCNA said.

    The drink can also protect skin from wrinkles and black spots, and prevent common conditions such as heart disease by removing "acid effete matters", it said.

    "It also makes skin fair."

    The drink is a breakthrough by the state company Moranbong Carbonated Fruit Juice Joint Venture, which also makes fizzy water flavoured with fruits such as apples, peaches and strawberries, KCNA said.

    It quoted a company manager as saying the drink has "proved efficacious among workers of such industrial establishments as thermal power station and smeltery and at medical institutions".

    The miracle drink attracted "much interest from Chinese, German and other businessmen" at a trade fair in Pyongyang last month, the news agency said.


    I think they mis-spelt the name of the company marketing this miracle cure. It should read "MoronBong Carbonated Fruit Juice". They're smokin' something, that's for sure!

    Maybe this remedy advertised in the SMH in 1910 should be resurrected too....
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