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    Drummond Gold Limited (DGO) is a gold exploration company focused on projects within Queensland.


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    Drummond Gold's quarterly is scant on information, but for those looking for a micro gold spec, this could be worth researching.
    Exploration work for this quarter was focused on the Yandan and Mt Coolon prospects.
    At Yandan (from 2009 drilling) returned results 13m @5.9g/t Au, 12.3 @ 2.3g/t and 4m @ 12.8g/t. No depth was mentioned in the quarterly. Further drilling is planned (doesn't say when) to test the northeast direction of the strike.
    At Mt Coolon, rock chip samples returned results up to 2.5g/t Au.

    Current SP 6c
    MC $12m
    Shares on Issue 206m
    High/Low 11c/4c
    Cash at Hand $4m (including from share placement not quoted in quarterly)
    Expenses this Quarter $963k

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    When would an updated statement come out?
    I.E how long till we get some more information?

    ill add.

    Has anyone looked at the ratio of "Resources" and how many of them are "waiting for that next hit? and trading under .5

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    On October 2nd, 2015, Drummond Gold Limited changed its name to DGO Gold Limited.

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