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    Seven Group Holdings (SVW) is made up of the Seven Network and the WesTrac Group. Seven Network owns interests in a commercial television network, Seven Network; the second largest publisher of magazines in Australia, Pacific Magazines; and has a presence in online and new communications technologies. WesTrac Group is an authorised Caterpillar dealer in its Western Australia and New South Wales/ACT Service Territories and in its North Eastern China Service Territory.

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    Possible flag forming up ....
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    Netflix and co. Is it the game changer?

    Jury is deliberating. Being below the 200 day is obviously a little troubling.

    Personally I think it's worth a positive shot about here.

    Forgive me I'm dyslexic.

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    Back about there again, however this time, it's based on having stopped buying back it's own shares and by the looks of it, no one else was!
    Forgive me I'm dyslexic.

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