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    I'm looking at a 2 month daily chart for VTI, which took a big jump last week and is now spinning. I'm interested to know if anyone can predict the direction of price movement today with greater than 33.33% certainty from this chart. Not interested in rumours, fundamentals etc etc, just in the chart.

    Sorry I haven't posted it, but you guys have fancier charts than I do anyway.


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    Its a very good chart.
    To be able to be reasonably accurate with today we would need the past 2 days of say 5 min tick data.I dont have it as Ive cancelled my tick chart package from Marketcast--I just dont need it for long term.
    I have found a bit on Yahoo.
    Anyway from the charts its looking short term bearish and is likely pull back today as the general market is bearish.
    Looking at the downside price consolidates at around 95c so this looks like a likely place for it to fall.

    The chart is strong and this pullback maybe close to its limit.
    My maximim downside stop for a current hold would be 87c ish.
    If I didnt hold Id have a stop at 94c
    If I was going to buy Id be agressive with stop at 94c buy nowish.
    Less agressive I'd be looking at over $1.04.
    Stop at the most recient low once $1.04 taken out.

    There has been no trades today and there is quite a gap between buyer and seller.No rush to buy or sell.So I think its a good longer term play from the chart!

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    Default Re: Chartists please

    Some may see a flag formation, in which case it would need to break out of the top edge by Monday, on increased volume, ( by Tuesday the top edge of the flag will have fallen below 50% of the pole.)
    If the flag break doesn't eventuate then a good bounce off the bottom trend line may be a safer entry.
    My thoughts only, and I will possibly be 66.66% incorrect.
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    Default Re: Chartists please

    It looks bearish to me at the moment. It has broken down through the 3 month uptrend line today. If it drops below .95c should hold at .90c.
    Worth keeping an eye on though.

    Tech, here is a 5 minute Chart of the last two days.
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    Default Re: Chartists please

    I've always found TA to be more difficult and inaccurate on illiquid stocks. One or two traders wanting to get out (or get in) and it could go anywhere. I agree with Tech and see support at 92-94cps.

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    Thanks everyone. Just so you know, it dropped to 90c last week, closed on Friday at 92 with a white candle, and there's big buy orders in at 90c. That's big orders for this stock - as doctorj points out it's pretty illiquid.

    I've had an eye on this for months as a long-term (say 3 year) spec stock if I ever have cash I'm willing to spec with. This would not be on TA grounds; it's because I think they have an interesting product that they seem to be developing sensibly with a reasonable prospect of getting return before they run out of capital. But I keep a pretty close eye on its share price movements, so I also use it to practise reading charts. The chart when I started this thread had me completely bamboozled.

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