While studying some charts of the amazing price action of the last few days, it got me thinking.

Although I have known we are living in the information age in the last decade. It became apparent to me with Thursdays Price action, at the power and the speed effect of the News over the Internet and Social Media sites, has on the Global Stock Markets. Apparently the US Markets was within 50 points of holting trading, to allow traders to settle.

There were obviously Global market concerns with Greece Sovereign debt, etc. And we all heard what happened when the news spreads about the "typo of Billions instead of Millions".

So what ever caused the Market avalanche, its worth considering with your own trading what can happen in the markets with News releases, especially over the internet. It certainly made me glad I was on the right side of this market action.

Check out the 12 minute window on the 1 minute Chart of the Nasdaq (QQQQ) below. Where the QQQQ's dropped from 46.50 to a low of 42.64 in 12 minutes.

And check out the 12 minute window on the 1 minute Chart of the SP500 (SPY) below. Where SPY dropped from 113.07 to a low of 105.25 in the same 12 minutes.

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