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    So last night in Wall street some fat fingered broker punched in a billion dollar sell instead of a million dollar deal and sent the Dow into freefall. Apparently this was a brief trillion dollar wipeout.

    So I'm wondering just who lost their fortunes in that brief interval and which very lucky punters somehow picked up shares at very special prices ? Why would I not be surprised if someone like Golman sucks and co have their sticky fingers in this pie and come out with some very attractive bonuses ?

    I don't know anything of course. Pure speculation. But I am wondering are there any protocols for reversing transactions when such a mistake is made ? Or is it just bad luck? Or would it matter just who made the profits and losses in the situation?

    Any thoughts ?

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    No further thoughts Basilio but my conspiratorial mind has been working overdrive pondering the same question through today.

    But it has become normal proceedure now for Moodies to put out a fresh rating on Greece to divert attnetion from each US treasury auction; 27th was the last. So looks like any tactic is played when one is cornered.

    A very dangerous game on now and would appear all may be revealed soon in market action; ie. the increased volatility across the markets, the currencies and commodities.

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