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    Question Option exercise prices

    I have software that gives me all the data I need for each company, including exercise dates and strike price of options.
    Does anyone know if there is a free on web place to find the exercise price?
    I've looked on Commsec and the ASX website and found nothing, and just trying to help after a message from a new poster.
    TIA folks

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    Default Re: Option exercise prices

    Are you referring to exchange traded options (ETO's) or
    company issued options?

    ETO's should be standard exercise prices (depending on the security and the prevailing market price for that security) and set dates (usally 3rd Thursaday of the contract month)
    Stock option expiry dates to June 2006

    29 September 2005
    27 October 2005
    24 November 2005
    22 December 2005
    24 January 2006
    23 February 2006
    30 March 2006
    27 April 2006
    25 May 2006
    29 June 2006

    for company issued options you may have input company details on the ASX website, but I prefer to use Tradingroom. Just input company details into their search, then go to related securites that should list all options and relevant exercise price and expiry date.

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    Default Re: Option exercise prices

    Thanks bvbfan. It's company traded options I was asked about.
    Still definitely can't find them on ASX website.
    Do you have a web address for trading room?

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    Default Re: Option exercise prices

    The above post is personal opinion only, for investment advice consult a licensed professional who fully understands the value of trailing commissions.

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    Default Re: Option exercise prices

    All listed company options were available in Shares magazine a while back but now it seems limited to the website
    I'm not sure if its premium content but try this link

    grr can't add link for some reason

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