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    Default Guaranteed Stop Loss on shares... Which broker?

    Good day, does anyone know a good online broker for 'guaranteed' stop losses? But for trading shares only (not margin loans, not CFD's). One that offers a 'guaranteed stop loss' on most ASX shares not just a small selection. Macquarie Prime only offers it on 140 stocks.

    Thanks in advance....

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    Default Re: Guaranteed Stop Loss on shares... Which broker?

    Although I can't answer your question, I can ASK you a question! I know, how helpful am I?

    What sort of risk-management strategies are you using?

    The reason I ask is that it seems to me that GSLs are about the worst kind of risk management money can buy. I ran the numbers a while back and came up with such a drag on my profits in the long term that it would have taken the complete collapse of civilisation to make it all worthwhile.

    ...and I'm not sure GSL pays out in a post-apocalyptic hell-hole.

    Being pretty much useless for my usual trading, GSL did permit me to do some crazy stuff with position sizing, but - at least for the way I do things - that would blow my max draw down out of the water. That is, sure, you can go for M-M-M-M-MONster wins, but at the kind of risk levels that a GSL will actually be useful for, the "smaller" losses are still big enough to turn an expected bad run into a death march.

    Anyway, that might all be insultingly stupid if you've got a strategy that uses GSLs well, and certainly a useless answer, and if so I apologise. But I'd very much recommend you look at how you manage risk, because afaik GSL is just a trap.

    Combine good position sizing and stop management with simple Options, and a spot of shorting, and I think you end up with more money in your pocket at the end.

    Well, I do anyway.

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