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    Quick thread started on RRE.

    ASX-announcement today that it has started its drilling campaign on its Ruby Well prospect. This is located 70km from SFR's Degrussa.

    So another cheap 'nearology' play given success of SFR and current drilling campaigns by TLM and ALY.

    @ time of the last Dec-09 quarterly, it had cash in the bank of $5.7m. Tight share structure with 70m on issue. At 30 cps, this gives a market cap of $21m.

    Other prospects apart from Ruby Well.

    On the watchlist.

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    Default Re: RRE - Rubianna Resources

    Good Plug in the financila review today.

    Further drilling results on the Curly's Project expected soon.

    Dont' hold but on my watch. If we get a rise off the current consolidation could be worth a punt. Gold price a factor of course.

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    Default Re: RRE - Rubianna Resources

    MC - $5.6m
    SP - 7.8c
    Shares - 77m
    Options - 14.6m
    Cash (end May 2012) A$1.39M

    Top 20 ~66%


    Reported in accordance with the JORC Code (2004), each of the resources are classified as an Inferred Mineral Resource and comprise:
     Bloodstone Prospect 140,000t @ 2.7g/t Au for approximately 12,000 ounces
     Golden Hope Prospect 86,000t @ 2.1g/t Au for approximately 5,600 ounces
     Ruby Anna Prospect 50,000t @ 1.6g/t Au for approximately 2,400 ounces
    •Follow-up drilling at the Bloodstone prospect to further extend known mineralisation.
    •Drilling between the Bloodstone, Trafalgar and Ruby Anna East prospects.

     Target Area #1 – Two targets with coincident gold (>50 to 592ppb Au) and copper (102 to >200ppm Cu) anomalism1 have been defined from the infill sampling (200m line spacing & 100m sample spacing). The eastern target covers an area of approximately 700 x 200m and the western target an area of approximately 400 x 200m.
     Target Area #4 – Four NW-SE trending horizons with consistently anomalous Cu (>300ppm) have been delineated from the wide spaced sampling (400m line spacing & 200m sample spacing). Along horizon #1, broad intersections (RWAC0354, 20m@391ppm Cu from 28m to EOH & RWRB02142, 14m@460ppm Cu from surface to EOH) of anomalous Cu have been returned. These four horizons are cut by a series of NE-SW trending faults to define zones A-C.
     Target Areas #2 & 3 – A broad zone (2.0 x 0.8km) of coincident gold (>10ppb Au) and copper (>100ppm Cu) anomalism has been defined. A discrete bedrock source (250 x 100m, ≥100ppb Au) has been identified in addition to verification of the Au-enriched lateritic horizon identified from historic drilling. Due to the wide spaced sampling in this area (400m line spacing & 200m sample spacing), potential remains to identify further significant “bedrock” Au anomalies.
    •Continue “interface” geochemistry at the priority Au-Cu targets.
    •Ground EM survey(s).
    •RC drilling.

    •Complete geological mapping and sampling over primary geochemical “soil” target areas.
    •Ground EM survey(s).
    •RC drilling.

    •Continue the Company’s on-going exploration programmes with a focus on gold and base metal (Cu-Pb-Zn) mineralisation.
    •Project assessments leading to acquisitions
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    Default Re: ZML - Zipmoney Limited

    On September 14th, 2015, Rubianna Resources Limited (RRE) changed its name and ASX code to Zipmoney Limited (ZML).

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    Default Re: ZML - Zipmoney Limited

    We caught up with Larry Diamond, CEO and Co-founder of online lender ZipMoney (ZML), to learn more about the company’s underlying business, its monetisation strategy, ZML’s unfair competitive advantage, the recently announced $100M facility its exciting deal with Victory Park and the catalysts for the stock in 2016.

    Click below to watch:


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    Default Re: ZML - Zipmoney Limited


    Well it appears the market were impressed by today's announcement - third quarter FY2016 update. The stock rose today by nearly 10% and with half the weekly volume.


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