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    Hi All,
    this is a stock that I have enjoyed the last few weeks. They have had some very positive results come out at their Unaly Hill Project. With some scoping study underway to further identify their find, hopefully we'll see some more kicks in the share price.
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    Posted on this stock before - currently drilling with some results due out in about 3 weeks time. Keep it on your watch list

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    Quote Originally Posted by sambek View Post
    Posted on this stock before - currently drilling with some results due out in about 3 weeks time. Keep it on your watch list
    Lots of stocks in a similar position.

    What are they drilling for? What makes them any different to all the other explorers?

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    This article may help explain.. was released in April... the areal surveys have now been completed and the RC Drilling is commencing... also the Windimarra facility is only 30km away and with the possibility of it being bought back into operation could certainly have an effect...

    Black Ridge Mining (ASX: BRD) has advised that preliminary Davis Tube Recovery (DTR) test work undertaken upon samples from its recent diamond drilling campaign shows the potential for the production of a high grade vanadium concentrate at its 100% owned Unaly Hill tenement, south of Sandstone, Western Australia.

    Test work was completed under the supervision of independent consultants ProMet Engineers (ProMet), and involved the crushing and grinding of core samples to a variety of sizes to givedifferent concentrate grades.

    Concentrate grades of 59% Fe and 1.25% V2O5 at coarse (150 micron) grind were found.

    The vanadium grades in concentrate are considered to be particularly encouraging. The criteria for magnetite for a feedstock to a vanadium processing plant similar to that at Windimurra - is that silica be less than 2% and that the vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) grade be as high as possible.

    This indicates that a grind of 80% passing 150micron would be suitable when compared with publically available data on the Windimurra plant.

    These initial results indicate that the orebody has the potential to produce a vanadium concentrate by standard metallurgical processes which is suitable as feedstock for a conventional vanadium processing facility, and compares very favorably with the Windimurra operation located 30km to the west.

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    Well just an update - announcement re drill results will be out this week - I am expecting it to be very positive.

    The increase in the share price over the last week or two, and increase in volume is certianly signs something/someone is in the know....

    Sky is the limit on this stock... lets see if I'm right

    (Disclosure - I hold heaps of this stock)

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