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    Default The Little Rudd Book

    I thought a thread on the sayings of the Great 'Elmsman Kevin Rudd , should be preserved for posterity. To keep it in context, (always difficult when Our Great Leader speaks ) it is permissible to include comments around about the Great Warbler's uttering.

    This piece from the Australian contains a Journalist and Wayne Swan in awe of the Great Leader. Note Rudd's use of the word "mate" to Swan. I know not of two people who more hate each other.

    JOURNALIST: Apparently [Wayne] Swan has indicated that a Rudd Labor government would reassess the GST formula. Can you give us some clarity on this?

    Rudd: Over to you, mate.

    Swan: All I've ever said about the GST formula is that it is a matter for the Grants Commission and it's not our job to politically reassess the GST formula in terms of the distribution between the states. That is up to the independent commission, that's what will happen.

    Rudd: Let's be very clear about what we're talking about here, hence my puzzlement at your question. One, there will be under no circumstances any increase to the GST. I'm going on to this. Just so everyone else is very plain about what you're talking about here - over my dead body.

    Swan: And mine.

    Journalist: Two dead bodies.

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    Default Re: The Little Rudd Book

    Rudd:...my dead body.

    Swan: And mine.

    Journalist: Two dead bodies.
    We can but hope.

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