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    I am looking for some help in attaching an older email saved in a personal files in Outlook Express to a new email I wish to send. I know how to attach files saved in other programmes and photos etc but can not find where the older email is stored. Any help would be appreciated.

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    You need to find the old email first!

    Once you have done that just open a new email and then drag and drop the old email into it - works for Outlook, not 100% sure about Outlook Express though.

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    Thank you. I have tried to find where Outlook stores the file but am unable to find

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Owls View Post
    Thank you. I have tried to find where Outlook stores the file but am unable to find
    Have you tried clicking 'Find' on the top of Outlook Express and browse the folders there?
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    Start, search, all files and folders, a word or phrase in the file, look in local hard drive C:, search. File should appear in pane. Click on file to go to or RIGHT click on file to find location under properties.

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    If you have updated yr express (e.g. from V5 to 6) the new version doesn't always recognise the old files. this happened to me - didn't recognise the old DBX folders, which were the folders.

    Found this out via google & downloaded a freeware prog which converted them for me. Then I was able to go into the folder for the specific emails.

    Was some years back so I can/t recall the software I found & used.

    Good luck hunting if this is yr issue.

    PS. Express is a dog (limited functionality) but we still use it (too lazy). The next PC we'll use outlook or something else.
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    Google your exact problem, in words as close as possible to what it is.

    You will most likely find there are answers.

    Sometimes email backup files are stored in out of the way directories.

    Also consider downloading a freeware search tool that is better than Microsoft, makes it easier to find missing files.

    The one I use is called Agent Ransack, it easily finds files that Windows search doesnt..it will certainly find a text string from the email

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    Open outlook express

    Tools > Options
    Maintenance tab
    Click the Store Folder button
    Copy the location in the text box
    Open windows explorer and copy that address into your address bar

    That should take you to the store folder.

    I have not used outlook express in years, so I am not sure if you can use emails in other store databases. You might need to load the old profile, save the email to your desktop. Load the original store and attach it that way.


    P.S. Mozilla Thunderbird is awesome (and free). I switched years ago and have never looked back

    Good luck Owls

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    Default Re: Help with Outlook Express

    Not that well versed in computerese, but the best of luck Owls, cause when you sort it out it`ll be a real HOOT!

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