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    I'm thinking about buying a mobile phone with trading capabilities. Whats the best phone for internet speed/processing speed and whats the best mobile phone internet service for speed and realiability.

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    Phone choice is a personal preference, best to go into a T store or Optus world and have a play.

    As for networks, NextG hands down. The Optus network is horribly congested and has poor coverage.


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    I've tried several phones on several plans and now I trade with my laptop and a wireless modem. While larger than a phone - if you are trading (as opposed to placing "investment" transactions every so often) I found that the larger screen gave me more information and the ability to react to things better. Have you ever tried to enter trade details onto a small screen via a telephone keypad quickly? - not pretty.

    In my previous job I travelled extensively and was quite often "on the run". I still managed to find a surface to place my laptop on. Trust me - you only need to drop the ball once and all the "convenience" of a small device falls away with the $ you just dropped.

    If you are only after updates on prices - then a mobile is fine. However if you want anything else, I'd suggest that you trial a laptop as well - they are cheap and are getting quite small these days. And for just trading and internet access you dont need very much ram etc. Just go for the base model.


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    I went on holidays recently , out and about in non major cities in Oz, an Acer One (there are heaps of these inexpensive small lappies now), with a Telstra NextG wireless usb device, was great.

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