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    Default Commsec mail delivered overseas?

    Hey guys, I'm currently living in Europe the next 3 years studying, wondering if there was any way I could get commsec to forward all related mail to my European address? Tried changing the profile settings, but they only allow Australian addresses.


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    Aust post forwards overseas


    or ring them if u cant find it.

    google search is easy to use why not do it yourself, took me under 30secs to find that. Or if u dont want to pay for it why not send comsec an email and ask them, cant take much longer than writing on this site.


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    Default Re: Overseas & Commsec

    Was there any point behind the snarky comment? I had my reasons for posting here instead of commsec directly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaij View Post
    Was there any point behind the snarky comment? I had my reasons for posting here instead of commsec directly.
    yes there was, It is so easy to find out so why not do it yourself, you can learn so much more by DYOR. Being able to DYOR is a skill that is so easy to obtain and opens up a world of knowledge.

    So often people on this site ask questions where the answer is sooooo easy to find. It annoys me that the good people who maintain this site have to waste their time by maintaining posts that should not be posted.

    I read a post here where someone was asking what the current 90 day BBSW is. huh, why???. google + 10 to 30 secs and u have an answer.

    What were your reasons for asking here and not spending 30secs to 2 mins to finding out yourself?

    To me it looks like you are just too lazy to do it yourself

    peace and love bro

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    Default Re: Overseas & Commsec

    I've had nothing but bad experiences with commonwealth customer service - money disappearing from my account, answers to questions I didn't ask, etc. I just want my comsec mail forwarded here, not everything else.

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